Radiator and general mechanical repair specialist

Automotive radiators

We replace automotive radiators (commercial and individual customers) with new or reconditioned ones. We also do repair and installation.

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Diesel and gasoline tank

We sell and install new or reconditioned fuel tanks for all types of vehicles.

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Auto mechanical repairs

We offer several sales and repair services for thermostats, water pumps, tires, brakes, rustproofing, oil sumps, etc.

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Air conditioners

We sell and install air conditioners.

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Tire sales and installation

We sell new tires, and install all kinds of tires.

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Brake change

We install and change brakes for all types of vehicles

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Oil change

We do regular or synthetic oil changes for all types of vehicles.

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We sell and install heaters.

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Gasoline, diesel and heavy truck tanks

Come meet our team so that we can help you repair your fuel tank.

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Water pump

Problems with the water pump can cause several problems with your vehicle. Come see us for a safe and professional repair.

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Cooling system cleaning

Clean the cooling system to ensure the longevity of your engine.

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Our team at JDW Mongeon Radiateur provides the best treatment for your vehicle's needs regardless of the type or model.

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Fuel Pump

Be aware that the fuel pump can often cause breakdowns! Avoid any problems by meeting with one of our experts!

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JDW Mongeon Radiateurs :
A renowned, close-knit company
with very important family values

From sales to repairs to installation, JDW Mongeon Radiateurs is the specialist of choice in Gatineau when it comes to your vehicle’s radiator and fuel tank.

A family business handed down from father to son, JDW Mongeon Radiateurs is known for its high-quality services and its seasoned workforce that demonstrates a great sense of professionalism.

In addition, we have a wide selection of new and remanufactured parts in stock for automobiles and industrial trucks.

Following his arrival as the head of JDW Mongeon Radiateur, Alain Mongeon brought new momentum to the company by adding more services: general mechanical repairs, automotive air conditioning, rustproofing, etc. For this reason, JDW Mongeon Radiateur does MORE than radiators.

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We are also specialists in air conditioners